Chaseki was established in 2018 in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with a clear mission – to find and offer the most delicious teas and to educate everyone willing to learn more about the amazing product tea.

We have created a place to find the best teas Japan has to offer easily. Our suppliers have been refining the highest quality leaves from all Japan and have been proven by the many awards won over the years.

Because 97% of tea produced in Japan, stays in Japan, Tom and his wife JJ decided to source our products directly from local tea farmers and small tea businesses from all famous tea regions in Japan.

There are tens of thousands of tea farmers in Japan! This situation, combined with a language barrier, explains why it is so challenging to obtain variety and quality from the Japanese tea market for buyers outside of Japan.

The average age of farmers is over 60, and there are little to no incentives for the younger generations to take up the hard work of farming.

Less than three decades ago, there were over 200,000 tea farms all over Japan: in 2015, there were only 20,144 left.

We are witnessing the slow disappearance of a whole industry and century-old tradition. Unfortunately, mineral water, carbonated soda, and of course, coffee are getting more and more popular and begin to replace tea in Japan slowly.

By sourcing our products from traditional and innovative young tea farmer, we help to keep and to protect the Japanese tea culture

Tea is really good for you! It is absolutely delicious, an accumulation of all the great things in life. Tea is healthy, connects people from all parts of the world, and it’s natural. It is a journey, endless knowledge to learn, ruling the world, and in charge of crucial moments in human history.

Forget everything you know about tea so far, and get ready to learn more about real tea.

At Chaseki, we also offer the highest quality teas from China and local teas from Thailand.